Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Italian?

Maybe! My great great-grandfather, Mattia Zurbriggen, who happened to be a world famous alpinist and mountain guide, was arguably Swiss- Italianish. Although we will never know for sure, I like to think there is a little Italian blood circulating in me. Ancestry aside, decades of baking experience have taught me something about quality, while years of enjoying Italian desserts at home and in Italy have taught me something about authenticity.

Do you have gluten free products?

Yes! Several of our cakes and cookies are almond or hazelnut-based, and are gluten free (for example, both types of amaretti cookies, our chocolate/olive oil cake, Sienese almond cookies, Pinenut almond cookies….).

Can I buy your products online? Can you ship to me?

Yes, and yes! With a brand new food establishment license now adorning our bulletin board, we are now developing channels to market some of our products online. We plan to sell to customers online and also eventually offer our products to wholesale markets. If you are a regular customer of a grocery store or coffee shop where you would like to see Dolci products, tell the manager and send us an email and we’ll follow up! Check our website or Facebook for updates, or just check in with us periodically.

Can I buy your product in stores?

While Dolci products are not currently available in stores, we are working on getting them there in several local shops, so stay tuned!

What can you tell me about your ingredients?

We are proud to use only the best ingredients, never taking shortcuts on quality. As a result, many of the ingredients necessary to make authentic dolci italiani are more costly than the ingredients in, for example cookies and cupcakes piled high with neon frosting.  At Dolci, we use fresh hazelnuts, pine nuts, whole almonds and almond flour, real sweet cream butter, 100% pure extracts and imported liqueurs, Himalayan sea salt, homemade candied citrus peel, extra virgin olive oil, and premium chocolate.  Although an occasional product might contain artificial food coloring when there is no suitable substitute, we make every attempt to avoid artificial food coloring, preferring natural substitutes such as beet juice (for red), turmeric (for yellow), spirulina powder (for green). We never use artificial preservatives. Using quality ingredients yields a consistently superior, better tasting, and yes, more nutritious product.

How “green” is Dolci Italian Bakehouse?

At Dolci, we make every attempt to be as green as possible! We purchase all of our food-safe packaging and marketing materials with the intent to minimize our carbon footprint. Our kraft paper cookie bags with a laminated interior require 75% less material to produce. Similarly, our boxboard cake boxes are made of unbleached natural cardboard. When paper and cardboard packages are not suitable, for example, when putting together extra large cookie trays, our plastic containers are recyclable. Furthermore, while producing cookies and cakes, all compost-friendly waste goes in the compost bin and not in the trash. Containers for our supplies are also recycled and not landfill-bound.