Dolci Inspiration

The seed for Dolci Italian Bakehouse was planted over a quarter century ago when, as a 20-year-old college student, I had my first encounter with Italian desserts. I come from the Midwest, where the “good” desserts in the 1970s were M&M filled monster cookies, oatmeal bars and black and gold Hawkeye jello jigglers. When I first tasted Italian desserts, simply prepared and made with seasonal and high-quality ingredients, my eyes were opened. To this day, I can clearly remember how my first amaretto classico felt on my tongue, when the shatter of the crisp outermost layer revealed a miraculously chewy almond interior.

After a long winding road with detours in political campaigns, lobbying and even gardening, but with extensive experimentation in la cucina italiana at every turn along the road, Dolci Italian Bakehouse finally took root. I now enjoy reproducing and sharing those special amaretti, and dozens of other Italian dessert classics that at various times in my life have also jostled their way to #1 on my list of favorites.

Dolci products are exclusive, addictive and baked to perfection, my only acceptable quality level.
Gordon Zubriggen at his bakery in Sumner, IA, sometime just after WWII

Julie’s grandfather, Gordon Zubriggen at his bakery in Fayette, IA, sometime just after WWII

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